Appomattox County

Appomattox County is located at the geographic center of Virginia. The lack of efficient intrastate communication and the need for localized service initiated the formation of the county by an act passed on February 8, 1845. This act designated that Buckingham, Prince Edward, Charlotte and Campbell counties each would give portions of their lands as of May 1, 1845. The county consists of 343 square miles of gently rolling terrain indicative of Virginia's Piedmont Region. Elevations range from 460 feet to 1,151 feet above sea level. Drainage is provided by James River, Appomattox River, Roanoke River Drainage Area, and Bent and Wreck Island Creeks. Appomattox County is perhaps best known in history as the site of the end of the Civil War at Appomattox Court House. The county is bordered to the north by Amherst County,  Buckingham County, and Nelson County, to the south by Charlotte County, to the east by Prince Edward County, and Campbell County to the west. James River serves as the northwest border. The towns of Pamplin and Appomattox are within the county, with the Town of Appomattox being the county seat. The 2016 population of Appomattox County was 15,314. The top five employers (excluding local government) in Appomattox are WalMart, Delta Response Team LLC, Kroger, Gretna Health Care Center, and Petrochem Recovery Services.